Scientific and Technical Monthly of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Chemical Industry

Przemysł chemiczny 4/23

In the fourth issue:

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✅Hydrogen Compendium


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✅From the life of SITPChem

✅From the life of FSNT-NOT

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✅Scientific part

▶️Powłoki plasma sprayed for the chemical industry

▶️Plazmowo-catalytic conversion of combustible coal-bearing matter to pure syngas

CO + H2

▶️Synteza new derivatives of lamivudine, adamantine and warfarin with isoxazolocarboxylic acids as compounds with potential antiviral activity

▶️Effect of adjuvants on the mobility of nitrogen and herbicides in soil

▶️Microplastics present in compost as a barrier to the circular economy (CE)

▶️Fire safety testing of flat polyurethane tapes

▶️The effectiveness of physicochemical methods in the treatment of wastewater from the poultry industry

▶️Testing the influence of the addition of vacuum residue from the processing of used oils on the properties of 20/30 bitumen

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Przemysł chemiczny 4